RIVET HAMMER DRIVE 1/4X1" $ .30 each $310 per box 1000

RIVET HAMMER DRIVE 1/4X1" $ .30 each $310 per box 1000

Price: $300.00
  • Item #: 050-5002
  • Manufacturer: EMI
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RIVET HAMMER DRIVE 1/4X1" (1000 pc box) $ .30 ea


  • Makes Steel-Ply re-ply very easy.
  • Remove old plywood-insert new plywood-drive holes-hammer in rivet-done
  • Easy installation and removal make Drive Rivets an easy choice for field work
  • very economical total installed cost, as well as de-install cost


  • Pull-up action, built into the rivet design, clinches fastened materials together as rivet is attached
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum 
  • just insert in hole and drive pin flush to top of rivet with hammer or pneumatic tool. 
  • Pin forces prongs of rivet to flare out below or within fastened materials, creating a strong grip. 
  • Leaves a clean non-snagging head when fully installed.


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