Jahn 'A' Clamp $4.98 ea box of 25

Price: $124.50
  • Item #: 240-105
  • Manufacturer: EMI
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Jahn System

BB Ply form using sticks & Boards

  • Bracket is made of high strength steel with cadmium plated eccentric and painted body which is rust resistant.
  • Designed for use with single waler 2x4. Can be installed either before or after walers are in place.  Bracket will not loosen from vibration of the concrete,
  • Pressure from the bracket is against the 2x4 instead of the plywood.  Use 4-3/4" rail snap ties. Can be installed before or after the walers have been positioned.
  • The slots in the brackets allow it to slip over the snap tie ends.

download: Jahn System User Guide

Description Price
Jahn 'A' Bracket $4.98
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